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Our Story

GoFanbase, Inc. started out with $4,000 and a clear vision of what businesses needed to succeed with the rise of social media and online marketing. Through client relationships, enterprising ideas, and a commitment to providing the best solutions for any client issue, it's grown to a multi-million dollar company complete with a full services menu, software suite, and mobile app.

If we had to pick a company mantra, it would be "Constantly improve." Every action we take as a company is geared towards improving the client experience and refining our processes to meet client needs first. We take feedback seriously and build out solutions to the problems our clients care about, not just problems that seem the easiest to solve. We attribute our steady growth to this client commitment - since being founded in 2007, every year for GoFanbase has been profitable.  Our tight-knit team makes it possible for us to roll out improvements and implement feedback easily. Our team works together closely to solve client problems. Everyone feels comfortable enough to speak up when something isn't working, or with an idea to improve our processes. Everyone contributes to our success, and we know we can be confident in our team member's work. Our current processes and services were built with the team's feedback, creating efficient workflows that make everyone's tasks as simple as possible.

GoFanbase Mobile App

GoFanbase Social Reporting App

We built the GoFanbase app the same way - by recognizing a problem and using our unique insights to create a solution that makes our client's lives easier. 100% of our clients weren't being mentioned in social posts by their happy customers, so we built an app that not only solves the problem, but gives them tools for increasing their social reach and improving their online reputation scores.

We believe that empowering our clients to be more efficient in turn allows us to be more efficient for our clients. By building solutions to problems they care about, GoFanbase can continually solve issues as they arise, and allow our clients to achieve social media, online reputation, and ultimately business success.

Meet the Team

Company Leaders and Advisors
Micah Johnson, CEO
Micah Johnson
Alae Boyd, VP
Alane Boyd
Aaron McDermott, Director of Sales
Director of Sales
Aaron McDermott
Ira Weiss, Advisor
Ira Weiss
Michael Greenberg, Advisor
Michael Greenberg