Social Connection = Future business

Turn your social following into real profits
June 25, 2015 Hannah Whitten
1 minute read

It's no longer enough to just have a company page — by not optimizing your business's presence on all social channels, you're missing out on valuable opportunities to connect. And with social channels implementing new click-to-shop features, it's easier than ever to turn social engagement into profit.

The simplest way to do this is with Facebook's new Call to Action feature. Located at the top of your page, the Call To Action button is a customizable tool that leads page visitors straight to your website. The button can go to a registration form, your inventory, or your company blog — whatever you want your customers to see more of.

turn social likes into profit

The Call to Action comes at an opportune time — Facebook has recently cracked down on the organic reach of posts that it deems "too promotional". This means that posts that explicitly encourage sweepstakes entries, app downloads, and outside purchases are limited in the amount of people that see them.

With a call to action on your page that directs to your digital assets, your posts can be focused more on engaging and attracting readers to your page itself, rather than to an outside site. The more exciting a post, the more engagement it generates, and the audience grows!

With a CTA button, more social followers directly translates into more sales. Make the focus of your social posts fan engagement with fun content rather than driving them to buy, and your reach (and profits) will increase.