Shake Up Your Advertising Plan

June 26, 2015 Hannah Whitten
2 minute read
why social advertising should be part of your marketing plan

How would you categorize your current advertising plan?

Are you playing it safe with "tried and true" methods like direct mailers and billboards? Maybe you're thinking a little out of the box and have experimented with radio ads. Maybe you've really gotten creative and advertised through community action, like sponsoring a baseball team.

The truth is, no matter how innovative you consider your advertising to be, you're missing the boat if you aren't advertising on social media.

Social media advertising is more than just posting on a company Facebook page. It's a good start, but barely scratches the surface of what a focused, targeting social media campaign can do.

Why is social media advertising a good idea?

Social advertising reaches your customers where they are. The average American spent 3+ hours a day browsing their social media channels  in 2013, and the numbers have only grown. When you post on social media, you know that your customers are seeing your ad, as opposed to an easily ignored billboard, a commercial you can fast forward through, or mailers that end up in the trash.

Big Difference, Small Budget

Don't have a ton of capital to sink into overhauling your advertising plan? You don't need it.

Advertising on social media is almost laughably affordable compared to more traditional routes of advertising. Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram allow brands to put a small budget behind a post, "boosting" it to users who have demonstrated that they might be interested in your product.

With a boosted post, your choose your budget — anywhere from $50 to $500. Your budget expands the reach of your post. Where a regular post would only reach about 15% of the users who like your Facebook page, a boosted post has the capability to reach them, their friends, and any other local buyers in the area.

What content should I advertise?

The best content for boosting is something that's already engaging - in our experience, the most engaging content our clients post are photos of their happy customers. Photos are by far the most engaging type of content, with an interaction rate of 84%. By putting the focus on your customer's great experience rather than your product, you're increasing your trustworthiness with potential customers.

You can also boost product photos, your inventory links, or the link to a blog post you want to gain some more traction. Basically, any piece of content that represents you and your business well and has some sort of customer call-to-action is a good candidate to be boosted.

How do I get started?

In order to boost posts and start advertising on social platforms, you'll have to have an advertising account, which you can set up through your business account on Facebook and Twitter. If you'd rather not go through the hassle of setting one up yourself, or you'd just like to give it one-time shot, click our live chat and we'll help you out!