GoFanbase is now available on Android devices

Android is here!
February 17, 2016 Hannah Whitten
1 minute read

By popular demand, GoFanbase has arrived in the Google Play Store! Many of our users said they personally used Android devices and so did their team. We hustled to produce the app on all devices so everyone could have it at their fingertips!

Now your team can use any device to capture happy customer moments!

Get direct reviews from customers

Download GoFanbase for Android here!

To celebrate the Android release, we've updated the iOS interface to match the Android version! This keeps the content creation experience consistent from device to device, so everyone on your team can get familiar with the same interface.

Additionally, we've made some changes to GoFanbase and the accompanying web application to make posting and promoting easier for the whole team.

Manage your locations

Web Application Vs. Mobile App

All posting and promoting features are now functions of the web application, while the mobile app is specifically for creating content.

Why the change? We know your team is busy, and we don't want them to be overwhelmed. By paring down the mobile app and shifting the focus solely to capturing the customer moment, the app is easier to use and integrate into their process.

Log in and check out the changes here!

On Deck

We're working on exciting changes to location settings to make managing your content easier, including filtering and deleting content, changing up your charge options for boosting posts, and managing multiple accounts with one admin.

Have an idea for the app, or a concern you'd like to make sure we address? Click on our Live Chat feature!