GoFanbase adds new email and landing page features

Better Email Open Rates and More Customer Reviews!
April 13, 2016 Mark Grado
1 minute read

Stepping barefoot on a Lego, biting your tongue during an amazing meal, and dealing with a terrible WiFi connection. Nobody would argue that these are among the most painful experiences in life, but they still pale in comparison to the feeling you get after seeing that large amounts of customers have left your emails unopened.

We have all felt this pain, and that's why we at GoFanbase are happy to introduce our latest email and landing page features designed to increase email open rates, encourage more social sharing and get more customer reviews on Yelp, Google, Edmunds, Facebook - and our latest addition, DealerRater. (with even more channels coming soon!)

new customizable email

Our new settings let you instantly inject personality into your subject lines, thank you messages, and calls to action. And when combined with our newest social functions that enable your customers to write reviews across multiple sites without ever leaving the page, GoFanbase has solved one of the biggest user drop-off points in the review process. Making it easier to get more 5-Star reviews, and find new customers!

designed to increase customer reviews and online ratings

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