F8 was GR8

But really, the F8 Conference was awesome
April 15, 2016 Hannah Whitten
1 minute read

Our founder, Micah Johnson, got the opportunity to attend the F8 Conference, April 12th and 13th. If that wasn't cool enough, he got to go on a full scholarship since we're part of the FBStart program for mobile app developers.

Facebook developers at F8

F8 is a conference for Facebook developers, where they learn about new integrations, get the first dibs on product announcements, participate in interactive demos, and get one-on-one help from the Facebook team. The perks are pretty nice, too - Micah came home with a Samsung phone and an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality system. There was much jealousy in the office.

Facebook let conference participants in on some solid growth advice as well as exciting news about upcoming tools that will make Facebook advertising an even better investment for businesses. Expect to see these tools in implementation at GoFanbase very soon, but for now we'll give you a hint: Live video is where it's at.

live video is the next step in advertising

Facebook also mentioned that they're rolling out chat bots in Facebook Messenger, along with the capability to direct your Facebook ads directly to the chat bots. What does that mean for businesses? Leads from Facebook ads in real time.

chat bots give you ad leads in real time. Image via [wit.ai](https://wit.ai)

We'll be sharing more about what Micah learned at F8 and the tips Facebook shared in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back!