How online reviews impact businesses.

An Intro Into Online Reviews and Your Business
April 28, 2016 Mark Grado
2 minute read

Social Media has changed almost every part of our lives over the last 10 years. From how we go about finding love to the photos we take of our food on the first date! More importantly for business owners, these customer stories are no longer shared just between close groups of friends and colleagues - but sent out on multiple social networks and reaching thousands of people. In this infographic, we explore the relationship between the stories and ratings customers generate online and their impact on business.

In this part of our series, we will take a look at several stats that make Google Reviews a big piece of the puzzle that is running a successful business.

Google Reviews

  • One trillion searches per year
  • Has a 64% market share of all searches, next is Microsoft with 20%.
  • 48% of consumer research begins on Search Engines
  • The percentages of research that begins on search engines from the most popular industries - 42% of Auto, 41% of Home & Garden, and 38% of Clothing
  • There are over 200 ranking factors in Google's Search Engine Algorithm, 10% of the weight is estimated to be review signals (quantity, velocity, diversity, etc.)
  • Local searches are weighted even more heavily for reviews
  • It is estimated by Google that for every $1 a business spends on AdWords, they receive $8 in profit. (chance for app graphic here)
  • 88% of consumers have been influenced by an online review

Takeaways While Yelp! is the overwhelming source for photo stories, Google remains the go-to option for researching a product and business. Google's search volume and ad programs give businesses the potential to reach large swaths of new customers if they are willing to promote and advertise through adwords and SEO marketing. Visit to start promoting with just a few taps of the finger!

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