What Comes First - Social Content or Management?

Inverting the way you think about social media management
May 05, 2016 Hannah Whitten
1 minute read
The GoFanbase workflow

Social Management Software that Focuses on Content

It's difficult to come up with a social management strategy when you don't have any content to work with. Inversely, it's hard to come up with a direction for your content when you don't already have a management solution in place to keep it at a consistent quality.

GoFanbase allows you to create your content and manage it in one easy to use tool. Capture your content when and where it happens - whether it's new products in your store, a happy customer, or event happenings. Post it to all your pages in a couple taps. Even boost it if you're feeling frisky.

The Right People Where You Need Them

When you set up your account, you invite the people you need to collect content and other to manage and post the content, making your life easier by matching your existing workflows.

Your Social Team's Job Just Got Easier

Your social team gets notified of all content, as it comes in, to ensure quality before it's pushed to your social pages. All the info they need is included in the app and automatically routed to the correct locations and contacts.

A Built-in Review "Ask"?

If that's not easy enough, you can also use GoFanbase to boost your online reputation, with tools that make it easy to gather positive reviews and ask your customers to post on your review sites. All your photos and reviews aggregate on your personal brand page, which can be embedded on your website!